Powerful web tools for students (week 7)

Podcasting in the classroom is the latest fad. More schools are choosing to use podcasting in their classroom as it stimulates learning through creativity and opens up communication. There are many benefits to podcasting to just name a few: Podcasts are quick, sharable, and can even save school budget by reducing paper waste. the best place to upload your podcast is to pod bean, after making a podcast which is super easy and fun thing for kids to do and also listen too.

In recent discussions of Podcasting a controversial issue has been whether podcasting would be benefitial for students learning in the classroom. On the one hand, some argue that if podcasting is not monitored, podcasting can be misused by students and they may not pay attention in class to a lecture or important information if they feel the material is already available elsewhere.  From this perspective, I understand the concerns for misusing podcasting as a means to short cut their learningOn the other hand, however, Podcasts enable students to access the information any time they want. Students can download the information to the device of their choice and listen/watch whenever they are free.
My own view is that as educators we should be encouraging the use of podcasting and new technology that is available to us. Here are some web 2.0 websites I will be using in the future.




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