Designing modern learning

I do not know very much about unit planning, the most i have done is create projects or arts/crafts for children to do when I was a day care teacher, but never had to establish what standards they were meeting. As far as my lesson planning right now i am having trouble fitting all the activities i want to do in a short period of time as well as making sure my students are meeting the health standards as well as the technology ones. It will be fairly simple to integrate the technology standards into my lesson plan because they will be using computers, cellphones and other websites to help them with their projects. I found a website though, that will help me go through the checklist of what a great unit plan should look like.I will be using the oregon health standards to asses my students learning based off a rubric I will create and will be able to make changes to the unit plan based on individual needs of students. My biggest headache right now is trying to get organized and precise with my lesson plan, but the process right now is actually very interesting and I am enjoying spending time creating the unit plan.


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