Web 2.0

1.  Brief Description- what is the site?  What is it supposed to do?
Kafafa is a website builder thats easy to use , whether its for a business or for your own classroom. Kafafa is less expensive way to make your website look professional and easy to navigate.
2.  What standards (NETS-S or content) could using this site help to achieve?
Some standards this site would you could cover introducing kafafa is engaging in personal growth and leadership, also by demonstrating an understanding of technology operations.

3.  Prerequisites- what do you need to know before using the site?

Before using this site you need to have a solid background knowledge in how toques the basic functions of a computer and how to find information online to connect to your website. I would recommend this sight would be best suited for students in middle school and higher.

4.  Strengths- good things that the site does

the website offers a very easy way to create a professional looking page for teachers and students to create

5.  Limitations- perhaps the reading level is too high, maybe user guide is not very clear or organized

only limitations i saw was the cost of making it and maintaining the website is 9.99 a month

6.  Best guess on age group/grade level the site is intended for.

best age group is for middle to high school students


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