web 2.0 PIN IT!

1.  Brief Description- what is the site?  What is it supposed to do?
pinterest  is a social network that allows people to visually share, and discover new interests by posting I’m,ages or videos to their or other peoples boards. It is used to share food recipes, new clothing, art projects, anything you can think of someone has pinned it.
2.  What standards (NETS-S or content) could using this site help to achieve?
standars pinterest could achieve are creativity and innovation, critical thinking/ problem solving, and communication and collaboration.
3.  Prerequisites- what do you need to know before using the site?
Very easy to use! just need to know the basic functions on how to like, pin and create boards. Easiest to use on your phone with the app.
4.  Strengths- good things that the site does (high interest for students, superior technical quality, bias free)

High interests for students and teachers, can collect all ideas, pictures, videos in one spot(board) and can refer back to it as well as the exact website it originally came from.

5.  Limitations- perhaps the reading level is too high, maybe user guide is not very clear or organized
limitations to pinterest include how many boards you can have how many people you can follow ad the amount of characters you can use while posting. Other than that I would say pinterest is a great innovative way to share ideas.
6.  Best guess on age group/grade level the site is intended for.

best age group i would say to be middle elementary up until high school would be able to use this site very well.


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