WEB 2.0 Edmodo

1.  Brief Description- what is the site?  What is it supposed to do?

Edmodo is a place for teachers and students to use to track grades, post quizzes, and more information that was not shared during class.  You are able to create multiple groups for each class period and get notifications sent straight to your phone when a class mate or teacher posts to edmodo.

2.  What standards (NETS-S or content) could using this site help to achieve?
using this site students would be achieving communication and collaboration as well as research and information literacy
3.  Prerequisites- what do you need to know before using the site?
before using this site all you really need to know is how to access the app on your phone and or computer and understand how to navigate the website.
4.  Strengths- good things that the site does (high interest for students, superior technical quality, bias free)
Being able to create separate groups as well as posting hyperlinks for students to fond more information. All grades and class info would be in one spot and its free!
5.  Limitations- perhaps the reading level is too high, maybe user guide is not very clear or organized

A little disorganized as it took me a while to figure out the postings and different groups from a teachers prospective. As a student when i used edmodo i found it also a little difficult to navigate.

6.  Best guess on age group/grade level the site is intended for.

high school students I would recommend edmodo for not any younger.



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