Sexting & Relationships

  • How does Ms. Penland approach teaching a sensitive topic?

In the video Ms.Penland approaches teaching about sexting in a very mature and open form. She understands that her students might feel uncomfortable talking about this topic hat needs to be covered. In order to help much the conversation along she has her students write down answers on their iPads and hold them up so she is able to read what they have put down. This allows and open and honest communication with out students feeling awkward.

  • Why is it helpful for students to put vocabulary in their own words?

By having students put the vocabulary words in their own terms they are able to retain the words better and refer back to them if they need help remembering what something means. the words will stick with them better if they are able to write their own definition rather than copying one of someone else words.

  • How does the use of iPads affect participation?

The use of iPads allows kids to save information they find important and also share their information with Ms. Penland if they did not feel comfortable in class. Students are able to use iPads to write thoughts down and also see the thoughts of others if its something they did not personally think of before.


One thought on “Sexting & Relationships

  1. I didn’t have to do a post on Sexting and Relationships because I am an Early Childhood/Elementary Ed major but, I do agree with you that the way Ms. Penland used the whiteboards to talk to her students openly but yet privately at the same time is a good idea.


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