Presentation Design

 1. What elements were you already aware of?  Which elements were you not aware of?  
I was aware that when you are making a presentation you do not want a bunch of clutter on your power point that will confuse or distract the audience. Having crazy lettering or font can be hard to read and annoying when trying to write down what is important.

Elements I was not aware of include the 1-7-7 rule, by only having one main idea per a slide and  minimizing text to just 7 words or less if possible. I also didn’t know that bullet points are not always a good thing and it is better to have lots of visuals for people to see rather than read. also do not want your logo on every slide or trying to brand your presentation.

      2.  How can you incorporate this into your own work and that of your students?  Why is it important?  

I can incorporate into my work by making presentations short sweet and to the point so my students do not lose interest but also learn what i am trying to teach them in a more effective way. Students will also be able to use this to help their speaking skill and presenting skills so they are no longer just reading off the power point but have to memorize what they are going to say. This is important for students to be able to feel comfortable in front of an audience and be able to give a well done presentation in a concise matter.

      3.  How do the Power Points that you have created over the years fit (or not fit) with these design principles? 

The power points i have created over the years do not fit these design principles as i would use to much wording on my slides and not enough pictures to grasp what i was talking about, over all my power point were most likely very boring to people who had to listen to them.

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