Introductory Concepts

In recent discussions of Technology in the classroom,  a controversial issue has been whether educators should be using technology to prepare students for the future or resort back to the classic paper and pencil method . On the one hand, some argue that kids already have so much more knowledge because they are connected to the internet and can find answers anywhere they look, Marc Prensky calls this growing up in the light . From this perspective,  We should encourage kids to use technology and connect students to the world. Students are bored in classrooms, because they are being taught old fashion ways. On the other hand, however, others argue that good old pencil and a piece of paper is the best way for children to learn and can be more effective when teaching a lesson plan. According to this view, technology should  not be used when you can do it with out technology. In sum then, the issue is whether technology should be a primary focus in schools today and help with kids learning or if schools need to continue to teach as schools have been traditionally taught.

My own view is that technology should be encouraged inside the classroom and outside. In our World today we need technology in almost everything we do and if teachers are constantly refusing to let students use their resources, than thats not really learning. Though I concede that  there are times  where using traditional teachings such as writing a rough draft before tying a paper is more helpful than only using the computer to sort all your ideas and  we should always have technology as an option available to all students. I still maintain that technology  in the class room is the only way to further kids learning and have them prepared for the future and success. 


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